I made this game for my students to practice hearing and seeing the difference in short vowel words.
This is a fun center that I made for my students to have a hands-on learning experience while learning vocabulary. The homophones pictures, words, and sentences look like phone apps, which will hopefully help the students remember the term homoPHONE.
There are so many words in English that look and sound similar. I have noticed multiple students making simple decoding errors, so I make this game to help them with those words.
This is a game for students to practice hearing and seeing the number of syllables in words. Hopefully the Eric Carle copyright company doesn't send a cease and desist letter. It will always be a free game, just in case.
I made this fun billiards game for students to practice visually counting syllables without oral cues.
Readers MUST learn the sight words in elementary school. I created this interactive task for students to practice spelling the high frequency words in a new and fun way!
This interactive spelling game is a way for students to practice learning the second set of high frequency words (the Dolch Primer set).