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The Printer that Saved Me

Okay, I’m exaggerating.  But my life as a teacher did immediately improve once I got an HP Instant Ink Printer.  Copy and printer ink are both hard to come by at my school, so having the power to… Read More

Getting my Mojo back

  I’ll admit it.  I had lost my mojo a bit, baby.    Getting put back into the classroom unexpectedly this at the start of this year, teaching a new grade level, and encountering tons of behavior problems….all… Read More

Data Wall

  “Teachers, district level personnel will be coming to inspect your classrooms.  One of the things they’ll be looking for is your data wall featuring MAP scores and goals.”   Oh, S#&%!    Whoops.  Yet another on my… Read More

Troubleshooting, Problem Solving

  A few weeks ago, I posted about all the struggles I’ve been encountering in my Readers Workshop.      I’m a reading specialist.  Most of my career has been spent providing intervention to low readers to catch them… Read More

Minilessons- Where the Magic Happens

Last week I shared many of the struggles I’m currently experiencing in Readers Workshop.     Anytime I have problems to solve in my teaching, one of the first things I do is consult the “masters”/aka Go to My… Read More

I made a video!

I made my first video last week. Here it is: I made the video using a site called PowToon. It took me about four hours to make it-half of that time was spent learning how to customize and… Read More

Balancing Act (The Struggle is Real)

  I’ve got 21 students all at VERY different reading levels, the majority of which are below.     I must teach my grade level standards while also catching them up and meeting all of their literacy needs… Read More

Cups and Ice

  Have you ever had a decision made for you that was out of your control?     How did you feel about it? This has happened to me recently, and the experience is making me stretch and… Read More

Getting Started

Greetings!    You are reading my first ever blog post.   Forgive my inexperience as I get started with my blog and website, learning how to navigate the digital world.   Let me begin by telling you about myself and… Read More